October 21, 2011

Module 4- Learning Log 3- Final Log

Posted in Learning Logs- Module 4 at 5:36 pm by lmt84

This course has opened my eyes to what collaboration can truly become when librarian and teacher work side by side. I already knew that the library is at the heart of the school, but if no one is taking the time to use the resources, then the program’s potential is unfortunately non- existent. I understand that the librarian must remain visible and active in the school community, constantly putting herself out there to advertise the worth of her program. Collaborative relationships take time to develop, so it is up to us to get them started.

We must always be on the look-out for opportunities to insert our standards into those of the content areas. Teachers and students alike must see that our curriculum is very much so related to all other content areas in the school. We must always look at situations with a new perspective, offering teachers our knowledge of resources and tools that will support their objectives. Collaboration gives us the chance to showcase some fantastic strategies such as Backwards Design, which allows all units to be molded around content objectives. If the lessons are tailored to the objectives, we are giving our students a very rich educational experience.

Collaboration also allows us the chance to truly aim our lessons to all types of learners. By offering teachers our knowledge of certain technologies and resources, we increase the chance for students to become engaged and motivated to learn. I want to create units with teachers that give students the chance to be in charge of their education. I want them to let their own questions guide their learning experience, making it more authentic and worthwhile to them.

The Inquiry Based Learning Video stated that it is our job to “encourage them to ask new questions that they honestly care about…they are motivated to learn and develop a sense of ownership.” When teachers and librarians work together to ensure that their lessons are creative and speak to the learning styles of all students, we will ultimately create learners who know how to question the information presented to them and possess the ability to think critically about the world around them.


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