October 1, 2011

Module 3- Learning Log 2

Posted in Learning Logs- Module 3 at 5:12 pm by lmt84

I enjoyed viewing the two videos posted on the Module 3 homepage. Even though I find all of the articles interesting, the videos give me the chance to see students and teachers engaged in inquiry based learning. When I see this with my own eyes, I see how great the potential of these learning models can be.

I was intrigued by the Multiple Intelligences Thrive in Smartville video. The students looked so excited to be learning, and all of the classrooms shown in the video were simply buzzing with activity and creativity. One quote that really struck me from the video was from Dr. Gardner himself. He stated, “Education which treats everybody the same way is actually the most unfair education.” As educators, we do not need to read articles or studies to know that students learn differently—we see this first hand in our classes on a daily basis. Therefore, we cannot expect every student to learn at the same pace, or expect one worksheet to teach the needed skills to everyone in the class. This is where adapting the concept of multiple intelligences comes into play. If we, as educators and librarians, can recognize that students need to learn in the way that speaks to their ‘smarts’, then we will give them a better chance at being successful students.

It was interesting to me that this school not only embraces the concept of multiple intelligences, but actually sets up instruction and daily life around it. I saw students that were not only 100% engaged in what they were doing, but were creating products that showed true learning was occurring. One teacher said that students are “Excited about learning each day and excited about showing what they know. It’s not about just making a grade on a test, but actually saying, “I can do this. Watch me.”“  It was refreshing to see students taking such ownership and pride in their learning. The video made me want to be a part of a learning environment like this.

The video What is Authentic Assessment? also helped to further speak to the articles for this module. Each reading this module has shown me the importance of knowing how our students learn, and adjusting our lesson planning in order to better accommodate student learning styles/needs. I also see the importance of assessment, in terms of before, during, and after the lesson/unit. If we do this, we will know how to best serve our students and the students can self-assess how they are progressing through the given skill set. It seems to me that in order to truly engage students, we must motivate them with activities that speak to how they learn. In other words, the learning experiences have to be authentic. One teacher in the video stated that authentic assessment is the “Window into the true understanding of the student.” We can truly see how each individual student is doing by providing hands-on lessons which provide students the opportunity to take their knowledge base and create products that showcase their understanding. Another quote that I liked was when a teacher stated, “Work needs to be something that the student really cares about… it needs to address students in their hearts.” When we reach the point where our assignments are student-centered and they are taking charge of their own learning, I believe that this is when the most valuable learning moments will occur.


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