September 14, 2011

Module 2- Learning Log 1

Posted in Learning Logs- Module 2 at 8:13 pm by lmt84

In Module 1, I stated that I noticed leadership as being a dominant ingredient for successful collaboration. I continue to see its importance after viewing the “Are You a Leader?” and TED video.

In Module 1 we read Marjorie Derven’s article that depicted how Social Networking is being utilized in companies such as IBM. I drew comparisons between a school and a business; both are groups of people working together to best serve their clientele. My type of thinking was verified when Simon Sinek stated “The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.” Teachers in the school will ‘do business’ or collaborate with you if they know what you stand for. Also, as librarians, we want to ‘do business’ with people who share the same vision as us—to inspire ethical information seeking behaviors and create life-long learners. If one’s values and goals are evident for all to see, the potential for establishing collaborative relationships increases.

Librarians are one of the few people in the school who can work with almost every staff member. Thus, they have to be viewed as someone with knowledge/skill sets that other people need to have. As an educational leader in the building, “School librarians must play a leading role in weaving such skills throughout the curriculum so that all members of the community are effective users of ideas and information (Fontichiaro 46). It is therefore up to us, the librarians, to make certain that we are taking every effort to reach out to all staff members and students. If we are successful in doing so, not only will we have a staff that is confident to lead our students, but our students themselves will become more independent, critical thinkers.

As I begin to read about Inquiry Learning, the theme of leadership will stay on my mind. I will continue to analyze myself in order to see if I can lead others through understanding what Inquiry Learning is all about. I will keep Simon’s questions, “What’s your purpose, what’s your cause, what’s your belief?”, on the forefront of my mind as I continue through Module 2. By re-examining these questions, re-evaluating my stances, and formulating the answers to them, it will allow me the chance to grow a program that can really impact the entire school.

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