September 11, 2011

Learning Log 5- Final Entry for Module 1

Posted in Learning Logs- Module 1 at 8:37 pm by lmt84

This module was a whirlwind. I lost time due to being part of a wedding in New York, and really didn’t think that I was going to complete all of the assignments to the degree of quality that I usually do. However, this proved to be just a test in time management. By really diving into the readings and viewing the discussion threads, I was able to get a firm grasp on what collaboration is all about. The readings from this module resonated with me, and I found myself tying quotes into my Blog entries and Peer comments. To me, a sign of a successful module is if I grasp the main concepts and see how they build on one another. I can say that I did see this happen during Module 1.

A theme that emerged early on was the importance of being a leader in your school. When this happens, colleagues will be more open to using you as a resource. Upon viewing blogs and reading the posts of my classmates, I see Fontichiaro’s statement of “Know what is happening in your building!” (209) to be yet another crucial aspect of collaboration. In my own posts, I recognize the unique position that the librarian is in—they are one of the few people who can work with almost every person in the building. Therefore, it is important that they also possess a general knowledge of the content area curricula. This knowledge will help the librarian to immediately match new technologies to certain departments or even teachers in the building. By knowing who plans together, units that incorporate research, and teachers who are looking for something new, you are only putting yourself in the position to form collaborative partnerships.

The blogging assignment for this module forced me to step out of my own comfort zone and venture into the blog-o-sphere. As mentioned in my Blog Reflection, I found this assignment to be eye-opening and worthwhile, as I now have a list of blogs that I hope to use not only as a classroom teacher, but also when I become a librarian. There are many resources available online that I never would have thought to use in the classroom, but somehow, they just fit perfectly with the AASL standards and my content objectives. I look forward to sharing some of my finds with the other English teachers as well as my librarians. This module has certainly helped to strengthen my skills for the AASL Standard 3.3, Information Technology. I now feel confident to integrate blog resources into my classroom, and furthermore I am comfortable to explain their benefits to others in the school.

I look forward to the information to come in this class. The readings and posts have shown me that at times I witnessed what I thought was collaboration, but in fact it was just one of the beginning forms, such as Cooperation or Connection. Now that I know the varying degrees of collaboration, I realize that to different teachers, collaboration may mean different things. Either way, I feel that teachers taking the step to work with the librarian in any degree is a step in the right direction. Perhaps after relationships grow over time, the potential increases to reach Ultimate Collaboration. I want to leave off with one of the more important quotes that I found regarding Collaboration. Fontichiaro writes that “Collaboration does “maximize the effectiveness of the instruction and can have the most significant impact on student achievement” (85). In the end, the school is a team working their hardest to best serve the students and their understanding of the content. Collaboration is an excellent strategy to embrace in order to ensure that we are in fact meeting this goal.

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