September 9, 2011

Learning Log 3

Posted in Learning Logs- Module 1 at 2:09 am by lmt84

The further I get into this class, I see just how important collaboration between the teachers and librarians is for the success of the school. My past posts have shown my recognition that in order to be a successful partner, one first has to be seen as a leader. Empowering Learners states, “By becoming an active member of the local and global learning community, the school librarian can build relationships with organizations and stakeholders to develop an effective school library program and advocate for student learning (17). I now see that leadership goes beyond your relationships with the teachers—you should be actively involved in the entire school community, which extends to administrators and parents (AASL  4.3). As librarians we should take any opportunity that comes our way to establish ourselves as a resource for all parties involved with our students’ education.

My classmates have presented a variety of tools which can help me emerge as a leader to these populations. I think it is crucial these days to have an online presence for the community, as unfortunately, I do not think that many parents ever even meet the librarian. I feel parents need to know about the great things that their children are doing in school as well as the fact that the teachers are willing to take risks with technology to ensure that their children are engaged. Furthermore, I see that the administration can have potentially big pull when it comes to the success of the program. By constantly involving/updating them on your collaborations with teachers, new ideas, technology support, you are gaining an ally to your program. I am trying to view collaborative relationships as another means of data that proves your program’s worth. If teachers are creating unique activities and students are genuinely enjoying and understanding the material, then your program is truly an integral part of the school’s success.

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