September 8, 2011

Learning Log 2

Posted in Learning Logs- Module 1 at 1:55 am by lmt84

As we progress through the readings and class discussions, I find one message in particular to be surfacing time and time again—the fact that librarian has to be viewed as a leader as well as educational partner. This thought was only confirmed as I was reading Empowering Learners.

It was interesting for me to see that over time there has been a shift in how librarians rank their four roles. Whereas ‘teacher’ used to rank first with ‘instructional partner” third, currently the two roles have flipped positions. This tells me that now more than ever, collaboration is being recognized as something of true importance. While of course it is important to have the skills that come with being a teacher, it seems even more crucial to have the skills to be a successful collaborator.

I think that before teachers attempt to collaborate with the librarian, the librarian first has to be viewed as a leader in the school. The librarian must showcase themselves as an individual who offers unique knowledge/skill sets and is also eager to work with the those around them (AASL 4.3). Empowering learners states that a leader is a person “who listens to and acts upon good ideas from peers, teachers, and students” (17). If the librarian presents him/herself in such a light, teachers will view them as a positive asset to the school—an asset that they can count on at a more individual level. This reputation will lay the groundwork for future one on one  collaborations.

Once the librarian is seen as a respected figure in the school, the instructional partner role will (hopefully) fall naturally into place. The text states that instructional partners help to formulate “inquiry-driven curricular units that effectively teach content and research skills to students of all learning styles” (21). If I were a librarian, I would want my colleagues to view me as an equal in the workplace, one who is willing to take on new challenges and work with them to be better educators. To be a successful collaborator, I would think that it takes openness to work with different people  as well as creativity in order to tap into original ways to present material to the students (AASL 1.3). Hopefully, by establishing a presence in the school as well as relationships with the teachers, the librarian can be used to his/her utmost potential as a resource.

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  1. eecrews said,

    I definitely agree with your comment about before teachers attempt collaboration they must first be viewed as a leader. I think that it is difficult for us to be viewed as a leader unless we are willing to take the first step. Once we take the first initial step it will become easier and easier to be viewed as a leader and to encourage the collaboration.

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