September 8, 2011

Learning Log 1

Posted in Learning Logs- Module 1 at 12:43 am by lmt84

The first week of this course has flown by! As a teacher, I am used to collaborating with others to create lessons that will best serve my students. As I myself have worked with the librarian in my building, I assumed that collaboration between the librarian and staff occurred naturally, and with almost everyone in the building. However, after talking to my librarian, as well as completing some of the readings, I see that this is not always the case.

It is unfortunate that collaboration with the librarian is not constantly occurring throughout the school. Empowering Learners states, “For such rich learning environments to flourish, the school librarian must collaborate with administrators, classroom teachers, students, and other members of the learning community to develop the policies that guide the school” (10). This quote reflects the idea that the librarian is a central figure to the overall success of the entire school. Taking this fact into consideration, it is puzzling to me how collaboration isn’t flowing throughout the school on a daily basis. Perhaps information like this, that shows the positive impact of the school library on school success, isn’t well known at many schools. I want to believe that this is the reason, and that it is not simply people not taking advantage of collaborative opportunities. If this lack of knowledge is in fact the case, then it is the librarian’s job to promote the library program and establish collaborative opportunities.

I am interested to learn strategies to encourage and increase collaborative relationships in the school. It is obvious to me that working with the teachers to supplement their curriculum is crucial to student success (AASL Standard 1.3). Collaboration seems to be a fantastic way to combine content knowledge with technology knowledge in order to create a fun, original learning experience for the students.  Hopefully, the readings will guide me to understand the possible roadblocks of collaboration, but more importantly, give me solutions to overcome them.

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